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Amber & Adam’s Wedding

Probably the biggest fear for a bride is rain on her wedding day.  Now, I’ve been told that rain actually means good wealth, so if it pours, you will be rich.  If there is any truth to this, I guess only time will tell.  For Amber and Adam, the last thing they wanted was rain and the one thing they got, was rain!  Not just once, but about four times throughout the day the showers came.  Even with this extra moisture, we still had a beautiful day and the greenery around was that much more green once the rain went away.

I introduced you to Amber and Adam back in February with their engagement pictures.  They love each other so much and then when you bring their families and friends into the picture, you are surrounded by this warmth.  You can’t help but feel the love!  Instead of the traditional best man, maid of honor speeches, each attendant in the wedding party took a moment to say something to the couple.  At the very end, Amber’s dad stood up and said a few words.  “This isn’t the happiest day of your life.  The happiest day of your life is when your child finds the one they want to spend the rest of their life with.” Needless to say there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Congratulations Amber and Adam!  We feel blessed to have shared this day with you, not only capturing your memories, but making memories with our friends!  Here’s to your future!

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