Kira {Bozeman Senior Photographer}

I met with Kira on a beautiful fall morning to take her senior photos.  She is a natural in front of the camera.  After walking around taking photos and talking about school, I learned that this is one smart young lady.  Upon graduation, she will have just over 30 college credits from AP classes that she has taken throughout high school.  Congratulations Kira on your upcoming graduation!  We wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.bozeman-senior-photographer-1 bozeman-senior-photographer-2 bozeman-senior-photographer-3 bozeman-senior-photographer-4 bozeman-senior-photographer-5 bozeman-senior-photographer-6 bozeman-senior-photographer-7 bozeman-senior-photographer-8 bozeman-senior-photographer-9 bozeman-senior-photographer-10

Huravitch Family

A couple of weeks ago, I got to photograph this adorable family.  Thank you for choosing me to capture your sweet family photos.  Congratulations on your newest addition Brinley!  She is precious!

bozeman-family-photographer-0 bozeman-family-photographer-1 bozeman-family-photographer-2 bozeman-family-photographer-3 bozeman-family-photographer-4 bozeman-family-photographer-5 bozeman-family-photographer-6 bozeman-family-photographer-7 bozeman-family-photographer-8 bozeman-family-photographer-9 bozeman-family-photographer-10

The Robinson Family

Recently I had the chance to photograph this sweet family, the Robinsons.  I have known Kendra and her family since before I can remember and it is so fun to watch as we grow and have families of our own.  Thanks for the fun shoot!

bozeman-family-photographer-0 bozeman-family-photographer-1 bozeman-family-photographer-2 bozeman-family-photographer-3 bozeman-family-photographer-4 bozeman-family-photographer-5 bozeman-family-photographer-6 bozeman-family-photographer-7 bozeman-family-photographer-8 bozeman-family-photographer-9 bozeman-family-photographer-10

Sarah + George Get Married

Over Labor Day weekend, Brent and I were the photographers for Sarah and George’s Montana wedding.  I have known Sarah and her family since I was 4, so this was a very special wedding.  I had only spoken to George over the phone and then met him a few days before, but could tell immediately that he is a great guy.  The weather didn’t quite cooperate with us and we didn’t get to capture the true beauty of the Rockin’ TJ Ranch, but it was still a very spectacular place for them to exchange their vows.  Congratulations Sarah and George!  We wish you two all the best and thank you so much for choosing us to capture your day!

bozeman-wedding-photographers-001 bozeman-wedding-photographers-002 bozeman-wedding-photographers-003 bozeman-wedding-photographers-004 bozeman-wedding-photographers-006 bozeman-wedding-photographers-007 bozeman-wedding-photographers-008 bozeman-wedding-photographers-009 bozeman-wedding-photographers-010 bozeman-wedding-photographers-011 bozeman-wedding-photographers-012 bozeman-wedding-photographers-013 bozeman-wedding-photographers-014 bozeman-wedding-photographers-015





Kathy + Aleksey Married

Brent and I had the honor of being the wedding photographers for Kathy and Aleksey’s  Missoula wedding.  This wedding was a first for us, as it was a traditional Russian wedding.  It was amazing to see the differences, but also the similarities in the day.  We enjoyed not only shooting the wedding, but learning about a new culture.  And the food was absolutely AMAZING!  Thank you for choosing us to share in your special day Kathy and Lex!  Поздравляем со свадьбой! Желаем вам два всего самого наилучшего! (I really hope that this is the right translation!)  Congrats!

bozeman-wedding-photograher-001 bozeman-wedding-photograher-002 bozeman-wedding-photograher-003 bozeman-wedding-photograher-004 bozeman-wedding-photograher-005 bozeman-wedding-photograher-006 bozeman-wedding-photograher-007 bozeman-wedding-photograher-008 bozeman-wedding-photograher-009 bozeman-wedding-photograher-010 bozeman-wedding-photograher-011 bozeman-wedding-photograher-012

Baby Abby {Bozeman Newborn Photographer}

And though she be but little, she is fierce. -William Shakespeare

Just recently I had the privilege of photographing this sweet newborn, Abby.  So tiny and so perfect in every way.  Congratulations to Megan and Nate on their sweet baby girl!

bozeman-newborn-photographer-0 bozeman-newborn-photographer-1 bozeman-newborn-photographer-2 bozeman-newborn-photographer-3 bozeman-newborn-photographer-4 bozeman-newborn-photographer-5 bozeman-newborn-photographer-6 bozeman-newborn-photographer-7 bozeman-newborn-photographer-8 bozeman-newborn-photographer-9

Lindsay+Adam’s Wedding

On August 16, 2014 in beautiful Bozeman, MT Lindsay and Adam exchanged their wedding vows.  Their day took place at the Broken Hart Ranch located in Gallatin Gateway.  It has a fun-filled wedding day with lots of laughter and a few tears (of joy, of course).  Despite having broken her ankle just two weeks prior, Lindsay didn’t let anything stand in her way of celebrating!  Congratulations you two!  We wish you much happiness!

Bozeman_wedding_photographersBozeman_wedding_photographers-1 Bozeman_wedding_photographers-2 Bozeman_wedding_photographers-3 Bozeman_wedding_photographers-4 Bozeman_wedding_photographers-5 Bozeman_wedding_photographers-6 Bozeman_wedding_photographers-7 Bozeman_wedding_photographers-8 Bozeman_wedding_photographers-9

Chris+Darcie’s Wedding {Bozeman Wedding Photographers}

June 28th, Brent and I got to be the wedding photographers for Chris and Darcie’s morning wedding.  It was overcast and wet from the showers the night before, but that didn’t dampen the brightness of this couple’s love.  The day was gorgeous, yet simple surrounded by their loving family and friends.  Congratulations Darcie and Chris!  We wish you two all the best!bozeman-wedding-photographersbozeman-wedding-photographers-1bozeman-wedding-photographers-3bozeman-wedding-photographers-4bozeman-wedding-photographers-5bozeman-wedding-photographers-6bozeman-wedding-photographers-7bozeman-wedding-photographers-8bozeman-wedding-photographers-9bozeman-wedding-photographers-10bozeman-wedding-photographers-12

Lindsay + Adam Engagement Photos

Competition is a great thing!  Just ask Lindsay and Adam.  When we got together for their engagement photos, I learned that these two have a pretty intense rivalry, but in a very loving way.   Nothing like a friendly competition to make a love grow!  Congratulations Lindsay and Adam!  We are excited for your upcoming wedding! bozeman-wedding-photographers - 01c bozeman-wedding-photographers - 02c bozeman-wedding-photographers - 03cbozeman-wedding-photographers - 04c bozeman-wedding-photographers - 05c bozeman-wedding-photographers - 06c bozeman-wedding-photographers - 11c bozeman-wedding-photographers - 12c bozeman-wedding-photographers - 13c bozeman-wedding-photographers - 14c bozeman-wedding-photographers - 15c bozeman-wedding-photographers - 16c bozeman-wedding-photographers - 17c

Bridal Tips

He has finally asked the question and you said, “Yes!” Now all the ideas and questions start flowing your way. When is the big day? Where do you plan on getting married? Do you hire a planner or do it on your own? I don’t have all the answers since every wedding is unique and yours, but I do have a few little bridal tips that I can share.

1. Select your date and know the weather for that time of year. Yes weather is unpredictable, but if you really want to have an outdoor wedding, it is best not to plan a March wedding in Bozeman.
2. Your wedding day is about you as a couple. Don’t let others talk you into colors, locations, flowers and such if they aren’t you. If you don’t like an idea or suggestion, simply say that you will think about it and then make the decision that is yours. If you choose everyone else’s ideas, you will end up not enjoying your day.
3. Hire a photographer. I’m not saying this because I am a photographer; I’m saying this because you want your memories of this day to be the best. There are many friends out there that may have a “nice” camera, but when it comes down to it, are you going to get everything that you hoped for? This is a very special day and you want to know that when it is over, your memories will have been captured the way you remember it. Plus, this is their job. You can tell them what you want, what you don’t want and they will make sure to do just that. Sometimes it is hard to tell your friends no, but once again, this is your day.
4. Traditions are great, but don’t feel forced to keep up with them. I mainly speak of not seeing the bride until she walks down the aisle. A popular approach to this is the “first look”. This is when the bride and groom have a special moment (just the two of them and the photographer) where they get to see one another for the first time. It’s a great way to have that moment and keep the tradition alive with a twist.
5. Simple is better. Stay budget conscious. Pick a good DJ and a venue that will be compatible for all your guests. Don’t sweat the small stuff and always remember, this is your day. Some may not agree or like a decision that you make, but it is about you. Make it YOURS!

I hope that these little bits help when you are planning your day! Take a deep breath and relax. This is a special time and you will want to enjoy every minute of it!