Throw Back Thursday

My little loves from September 2011!


Bethany+Cory {Big Sky Wedding Photographers}

Congratulations on the wedding of Bethany and Cory!  Here are a few your wedding pictures from the big day.  Thank you for sharing your day with us.  We wish you two all the best!

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Bethany + Cory: Wedding Photography Sneak Peek

Super sneak peak of Bethany and Cory’s wedding photography:


Wedding Photography Ideas

When planning your wedding day, you have a certain idea in your mind how you hope the day will turn out. You will have your colors, your flowers, your dress. And you will also have your ideas of the images that you are hoping to get on your wedding day. When you are planning your wedding, it is also good to have a good idea of the type of pictures you want.

To start this process, gather your ideas in advance. With the Internet and Pinterest, ideas are easy to come by. Set up a board or print your ideas and have them to show your photographer. This is great guidance for you and your photographer.

Be open to ideas. You will come up with your ideas, but also listen to your photographer and some of the suggestions that they may have as well.

Once you have selected your photographer, go through their work and pick out examples that you would like to try with your pictures. They don’t have to be the exact same, but this will be great help. The photographer will be able to recreate an idea with you in mind.

Understand natural light and how important it is in photography. Most Bozeman locations tend to be outside and your photographer will do their best to make sure that they pick the best areas to capture your pictures. A bright sun shiny day is great, but not when it comes to photos.

Also, plan an engagement shoot with your photographer. This will allow you to see how they work and make you feel more comfortable on your wedding day. Many photographers include an engagement session with their packages and others offer them as add-ons.

The best thing you can do is select a photographer that you are compatible with and will provide you with exactly what you want on your wedding day.

Jordan’s Senior Portraits

“I’m in love with Montana.  For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection.  But with Montana it is love.  And it’s difficult to analyze love when you’re in it.” ~John Steinbeck

After meeting Jordan and getting to know her during her senior portrait shoot, this quote came to mind.  She LOVES Montana!  Her parents are Montana natives, but she didn’t grow up here.  They vacationed and visited family here, but didn’t reside in the state.  Jordan had already planned on moving to Bozeman and attending Montana State University (G0 Cats!) after graduation, but her family’s decision to move here allowed for her to come a year earlier than planned.  She is smart, beautiful and athletic!  Good luck with your senior year and we wish you all the best in the future!

Jordan H. Blog - 01c Jordan H. Blog - 02c Jordan H. Blog - 03c Jordan H. Blog - 04c Jordan H. Blog - 06c Jordan H. Blog - 07c Jordan H. Blog - 08c Jordan H. Blog - 09c Jordan H. Blog - 10c Jordan H. Blog - 11c Jordan H. Blog - 12c

Dailey Family Portraits {Bozeman Family Photographer}

I caught up with this sweet family just over a week ago.  We had a fun photo shoot right out their front door.  Man, do they have a view!  And look at them, gorgeous!

Dailey Family Blog - 01 Dailey Family Blog - 02 Dailey Family Blog - 03Dailey Family Blog - 04Dailey Family Blog - 05Dailey Family Blog - 06Dailey Family Blog - 07Dailey Family Blog - 08 Dailey Family Blog - 09Dailey Family Blog - 10

Ashley + AJ Get Married

This couple is amazing!  Not only are they so in love with one another, but they truly love their family and friends with no bounds.  Their wedding day was about them, but at the same time they were very focused on their guests.  It’s couples like this that make me love my job even more.  Congratulations Ashley and AJ!  We wish you two and your family all the best!  P.S.  Maybe we will see you on the dance floor sometime soon!  😉

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Janessa {Bozeman Senior Portrait Photographer}

Congrats Janessa on your upcoming graduation from Bozeman High School!  We wish you all the best in your future!

Janessa - 06cJanessa - 08c Janessa - 17cJanessa - 25cJanessa - 30cJanessa - 34cJanessa - 43cJanessa - 44c

Bell Family Portraits

It is absolutely amazing to see friends get married, start a family and then watch them grow.  I recently had the opportunity to capture my good friend’s family portraits.  We have been friends since high school and have always stayed in touch with one another.  In 2010, we got the honor of taking their wedding photos and then they welcomed their sweet little girl in 2011.  We got together to capture this sweet little family!  Not only was it her husband and adorable daughter, but also her sister and sweet niece.  We had fun taking pictures as a family and then having the girls run and play.  Thank you Tasha for once again allowing me to capture your families memories!

Bozeman Family Photography

Bozeman Family Photography - 001Bozeman Family Photography - 002Bozeman Family Photography - BootsBozeman Family Photography - MountainsBozeman Family Photography - CoupleBozeman Family Photography - SmilingBozeman Family Photography - PlonkBozeman Family Photography - Big SkyBozeman Family Photography - 004

Whether you want to commemorate an anniversary, remember your family exactly as they are today, or celebrate an engagement, we offer a wide variety of Bozeman family photography and portrait photography.

Portrait Sessions: $125 Session is approximately 1 hour, on location, and includes an online gallery and 3 low resolution digital images for social media use.

Packages available. Please email to receive the full list of package details.