Maternity Portrait

Part One of Two…

Let’s start by saying that a two part blog just seems fitting for this couple.  Meredith and Lance are expecting twins…girls!  Since we live in Montana and the weather changes in a blink, we only got to take the indoor portion of our pictures.  Fitting since there are two babies, we can say that each get a session!  😉  I was so excited to shoot these pictures today.  Meredith and I have been friends for six and a half years now and I couldn’t be more excited for her babies to arrive.  She is gorgeous and has the mother-to-be glow.  I love her perfect basketball belly!  Watching her during this session was awesome!  You can tell that she is relaxed and so in love with these babies whom she has yet to meet.




The heart around the belly button seems to be a staple with maternity pictures, so of course I decided to do it, but I decided to have Lance make the heart.  Something amazing about hard working hands holding something so delicate.


Love the intimacy of this picture!


And the final picture, which may have been the most challenging.  Meredith decided to lie down in front of the fireplace on the slate.  Probably not the most comfortable place to lie down, but beautiful!


Thank you so much for letting me take these pictures.  I can’t wait for part two!

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