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Polka Dots and Cupcakes

Yesterday was my baby girl’s first birthday party.  I absolutely cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by and that we have this beautiful little girl in our lives.  It has been a great first year and now we have this:


Okay, so before I get into the messy pictures too much, let’s talk about the day.  We had about 20 family and friends join us for the party.  We started with lunch and then a little present opening.  I was really hoping that Mallory would be excited about tearing the paper, but with all the people it just wasn’t happening.  Then we opened a learning fire engine that makes all sorts of noises, so all eyes and hands were on it.  Basically from then on, I did the rest of the opening.

In this picture she is showing us that she is more interested in the beads than gifts.


After presents were done, we handed out cupcakes and ice cream and got Mallory ready for her cake eating.  Once again, I had high hopes for what was about to come.  I know my child and I thought she would just dig in and make a huge mess.  Well, we did get a mess, just took about 30 minutes.  She was so danty with the cake.  She would get her hands ready like she was just going to rip it apart and then just barely touch the frosting.  I was so surprised, but she is a girl!



I almost forgot that I had party hats.  I got a few pictures with it on, but she really doesn’t like things on her head so it didn’t last too long!


After a bath, a nap, and a little bit of dinner, we decided to let Mallory have one more go with the cake.  Maybe she was a little shy the first time and since there was cake left, why not another taste.  This is the result from number 2.


And this:


This is the “Uh Oh!” face since she dumped the cake all over the place.  You should have seen the floor!  Needless to say, I finally got the result I had been waiting for and there was another bath to come!  Thanks to all who helped us celebrate!

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