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Tasha & Anthony’s Wedding

When we hear that Friday the 13th is coming, most people associate it with bad luck.  Some people even suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia which is the fear of Friday the 13th.  This wasn’t the case for my friend Tasha.  She decided to plan her wedding on this day even though these superstitions surround it.  When I awoke Friday morning, the sky was gray and the rain was coming down.  It didn’t look as though the rain was going to let up.  The wedding was later in the evening, so I had my fingers crossed that the sun would come out for this wonderful couple.  Sure enough, the sun cooperated and we had a beautiful wedding!  I guess rain doesn’t equal bad luck on a wedding day!

In their engagement post, I mentioned that Tasha and I have been friends since we were in high school.  I haven’t known Anthony that long and what I just learned was that Anthony was originally set up with Tasha’s sister.  Obviously they didn’t hit it off, but he and Tasha did!  After living with one another for 13 months, they began to date and the rest is history.  It’s funny how things work out!  I’m sure glad that they worked out the way they did and we were there to share this day with these two.  Congratulations Tasha and Anthony!  Thank you for sharing your day with us and we look forward to sharing your future!

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