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Christmas Day

Even though it is a week or so late, we hope that you all had a great holiday! Christmas morning we woke up and checked our stockings to see what Santa had brought us during the night. We then got ready and headed to my parents house to spend the day with them. We got there about 10 in the morning and right away Mallory needed to go down for a nap. When she woke up we starting opening gifts. We were trying to let Mallory do as much herself as she could, but still she doesn’t get the concept of ripping. She was more into the bows and ornaments tied to the packages than to ripping and opening. I helped her with most of her packages. After opening gifts, it was time for another nap and our dinner was ready. After dinner and cleaning up, we decided to play a few games. My mom, Brent and I all played cribbage and then my mom and I played a little rummy. We left around 7:30 in the beginning of another storm and headed to home for a bath and bedtime. It was a wonderful day spent with family and a great first Christmas with Mallory.

Look at my presents!

All warm and cozy in my tie blanket from Grandma!

Me and Grandpa opening a gift.