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Fix It

I Heart Faces

I’m starting to love Fix It Fridays at i♥faces!  I love experimenting with photoshop and learning new tricks and action recipes.  For this week’s picture, here is the original:

melindafixit31In photoshop, I started by adjusting the levels and doing just a small cropping.  I really like the rock around this little boy and didn’t want to lose that.  Then, using TRA I used Derelicte and Oh Snap! to give you my finished product.  Here you go:

melindafixit32Have a fun Friday!!

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3 replies on “Fix It”

Although I have really enjoyed the closer crop, I love the fact that you kept the rocks in the photo (my whole purpose to taking this photo was to have it frame him). You did such a beautiful job with your edits!!

Very nice edit. Just like Melinda, I felt it would be a shame to crop away the beautiful scenery. I think you did a great job keeping the natural elements in the picture but still keep the focus on the boy.

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