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Too Cute!

I Heart Faces

Another week, another contest.  This week’s theme at i♥faces is hats.  My daughter is not a fan of things on her head or face, so trying to get this picture was a small battle.  Every time I had the camera up and ready, she would rip it off.  My saving grace with this photo is that the dog happened to wonder over and started to check things out.  She has a new found obsession with our dog, so she was absolutely thrilled he was around.  She forgot she had a hat on, thence the photo I got!  Thank goodness for distractions!!


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8 replies on “Too Cute!”

i really like the light in the shot. you did a great job. i too have very small ones and the dog is a great help. i sometimes have the dog sit by me so the babies will look my way. good job.

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